Sunday, March 3, 2013

WHY would we we open the door to the dark side?

Unconsciously or Consciously,
we open the door to the dark side,
and we are overcome, undone.


WHY WHY WHY would we we open the door to the dark side?

There are SO many reasons for this, but here are some popular ones:

- >  Because we want the fruit of this world more than we want the fruit of the Spirit.
We are willing to take the hand of a devil rather than the hand of the Almighty.

The famous 'deals with the devil' are about desiring the riches of this world, in an unbalanced way.  (Kind of like Jesus' third temptation)
But the people I work with, day-in and day-out, are mostly just trying to keep their 'head above water'.  (Kind of like Jesus' first and second temptations)
(see Jesus Temptations)

->  Because we have been through abuse, trauma, intense and challenging circumstances... and we say in our heart: Where is God?! HELP! In desperation, I will take any help I can get!!!

This could have happened LONG ago.  Lots of times this occurs in childhood when we are small and the 'giants' around us are sometimes (or often) unSAFE;  our world in unpredictable and out of our CONTROL.  Many people decide during childhood to accept help from the dark-side, and this stays with us until we un-earth it, and say good-bye to those energies and agreements.

->  Because life becomes too much for us!  When we get overwhelmed with life, fear, pain, responsibilities, the past, the future… most folks 'check-out', turn to addictions, compulsions, obsessions...

This is average human behavior, this is garden-variety: what else CAN we do when our load gets too great and we cannot go on, when we cannot BE with ourselves or with God, anymore?  There are other paths - but most of us don't KNOW that!
Meanwhile, in our desperation, when we turn to these addictions, we are turning even farther from BEing IN God.

When we turn to the dark-side, whatever our reasons,
the doors open farther to the unclean spirits - it becomes a vicious cycle.
A cycle which ends up in a Gordian knot: a mighty stuck-ness inside us, and a mighty mess in our lives.

God is still here - but our back is turned.

Spiritually, God gave us free-will;  Dominion/Authority: in our bodies, our lives, our world.
The less we are in charge, we enter a negative spiral: the less we are in-charge.
The more we are in charge, we enter a positive spiral: the more we are in-charge.

A central part of my ministry is to help folks close the 'doors' to the dark-side,
take back their free-will and their God-given Authority in their space, and in their lives
... and then turn the Titanic, turning their lives and their world, around.

We can Choose to change - to grow into our Maturity in Christ.  Read more Here.

in Life, Wendy

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