Sunday, April 13, 2014

Meet the Real Jesus Directly, in Present-time

Many people have opinions for, against and about Jesus; but most don't actually KNOW HIM, at all.

Regardless of how judgmental and boring some folks portray Jesus in modern America, that is not at all my experience of him. For me, and many folks I know:
  • Jesus is fun, 
  • he is laid-back and easy to be with, 
  • he is incredibly validating, he is powerful, and 
  • he is a wonderful guide and role-model for us to live in present-time, in alignment with God and live lives filled with delightful and delicious, spiritual gifts and abilities.

By working directly with Jesus you can learn to:
  • Invite your spiritual vibration to Rise: let go of other's energies, and heavy, dark vibrations;
  • Validate your spiritual connection to your body, to the Earth and to your Unique connection with God;
  • Say hello to the incredibly healing and empowering vibrations that Jesus brought to Earth, and allow God to utilize these golden blessings to heal, clean and present-time your system;
  • Allow emotional healing and become less judgmental by utilizing the spiritual perspective of neutrality.
I encourage you to:
  • Clear other's opinions and religious information about Jesus, and
  • Get to know Master Jesus, in present time, for yourself.  
  • When we come into a present-time, spiritual relationship with Jesus, we gain a friend and guide for life!
This is the center of my ministry.  I hope you enjoy your unique expereince of Jesus!!