Thursday, November 26, 2015

Learning to feed ourselves, and - from there - others

When I am stuck, when I feel broken, when my soul is hungry...
It is useful when the question, the request, my ASK...
is bigger than: please I need a fish, and I really need it now!

From this desperate place, I have great motivation and powerful potential to play A BIGGER GAME:
  • please teach me to fish
  • which is the seed of: facilitating fish for Us...

The powerful Lever, my Goal has become:
  • What is there to Learn, to Heal, to Grow-into?
  • Where can I be Willing to change, that I have been resisting?
  • How can I say YES! to my Source, Light, Life, Truth, Path - in a whole new way?

Allowing transformation,
being willing to go from in need,
to opening to my needs being met,
and then as I mature, I naturally facilitate Our needs being met.

Exactly where I am stuck, feel broken, my soul is hungry.
THERE is my chance to invite blessing, and naturally to bless others.
Where I trip, is my treasure - and eventually - a treasure for our world.

Blessings on your unique path,

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Where we trip IS our Treasure

Sometimes our Healing, Learning, Growth, Transformation…
takes a Giant Leap.
We say a BIG YES and magic happens, we are blessed, the stars align - and our lives move forward.

Sometimes our healing is easy, fun, fast, miraculous.
Usually we progress incrementally: slowly-we-turn, step-by-step, inch-by-inch.

This is no mistake.
It isn’t a failure on our part, it doesn’t mean God is not Mighty or we are not Dedicated or Worthy…
We have Not Failed!

Our Journey toward who we already ARE,
our attainment of the Contributions that are already ours to offer,
takes Time, takes Attention, takes Intention.

On the way
  • we HEAL from the wounds and the chains that have kept us down;
  • we GROW through the barriers that held us back; learning to leap the hurdles we used-to avoid, and then crawl-under;
  • we learn to SHINE our light, the Light; to truly BE ourselves, as well as BE the difference we want to see in the world.

And in this PROCESS, we discover Blessings and Glory beyond our wildest dreams.
Under our wounds and chains, beyond our barriers and hurdles:

  • We find lost-parts of ourselves.
  • We find lost abilities, senses, connections - both spiritual and physical. 

  • We allow-in wisdom, insights, and true knowing.
  • We allow-in connection, confidence, charisma.  

  • We discover the Light in the Darkness, is within us - always here.
  • We discover the One we have been waiting for, is within us - always here now.

In this slow PROCESS, we receive the Dark Gifts of Healing, Growing, Shining.
And we are So grateful-for these gifts!
Although we wouldn’t wish this Horrible path - the Horrors we lived, and faced, and conquered to get here - on our worst enemy!

And yet, on the other side of the darkness, when the day dawns,
the Blessings of the Dark Journey start to be seen
we are full of the Light, and we ARE Grateful.

That’s what I have found, for myself and others,
When we don’t Heal in a snap, when we are stuck and stopped:
There is a reason: there’s gold in them there hills!

Where we trip IS our Treasure.
Start Digging!
Don't stop until you are blessed.

Best to you on your unique Healing Path!


Friday, October 9, 2015

{Guest Post) Listen. The Spirit speaks.

Guest Post: Jo Hilder

God speaks. And you hear His voice. 
You do. 
But do you recognise His voice?

We are trained early and consistently by those who wish to lead us that our inner voice cannot be trusted, that we need another to teach us and guide us. 

But Jesus Himself promised to go away and send us a Helper. 
We need only ask for His help, and we will receive it. 
There is no trick to hearing the Holy Spirit speak. 

The skill is in silencing the mind. 
And in trusting. 

When you have learned to distrust the still, small voice and look always to an outside source to bring your truth to you, 
when you have only ever heard a jumble of mixed messages when you look to the silence within, 
any confident person who can string three sensible words together will be able to lead you anywhere they want you to go.

But that's not for you.

Listen. Listen. The Spirit speaks.

Selah, my friends.

Guest Post: Jo Hilder
Jo is an Australian writer, coach and speaker: website.
She shepherds a highly-interactive & nourishing FB group: Free-range Christians

Friday, June 26, 2015

the Divine Presence does not fail

If I had to name my disability, I would call it an unwillingness to fall...
This reluctance signals the mistrust of the central truth of the Christian gospel:
life springs from death,
not only at the last but also in the many little deaths along the way.

When everything you count on for protection has failed,
the Divine Presence does not fail.
The hands are still there -- not promising to rescue, not promising to intervene --
promising only to hold you no matter how far you fall.

- Barbara Brown Taylor, from her book Leaving Church: A Memoir of Faith

Sunday, May 24, 2015

It is worth the journey

God gave me this verse to me personally,
in the midst of very long, very deep, very dark night of the soul.

And it really was a pinpoint of light
at the end of a many, many years long tunnel.

I want to say for all to hear, it was worth the journey,
and my journey isn't even over yet ; )
He shall see of [the fruit of] the travail of his soul, [and] shall be satisfied
- Isaiah 53:11

Friday, March 6, 2015

Turns out, Loving Queer kids, is just like Loving Everyone: Show up, like Jesus would

It occurs that John Pavlovitz has been called as a courageous and potent ally for Queer folks.
Again, he has written a useful and impassioned blog post, this time in support of our kids (and the amazing folks who serve them):  Dear Youth Pastor (Because You Have Gay Students In Your Youth Group)

I joined the fray to say, basically:
Turns out, Loving Queer kids, is just like Loving Everyone: Show up, like Jesus would.
If you wanna read the details, here they are.

: ) Wendy


As usual: Thank you!
Oh, and, especially thank you for this:
“They need Jesus, formed in your flawed flesh, right in front of them.”
and this:
“Go and be the one who keeps the wolves away.”
and this, too:
“You will win, when you have no agenda with them, other than setting the table for them to meet with Jesus, and trusting Him to do whatever he desires to do, in and around, and through their lives.”
John follows that last line with this:
“This is the truth of what you are called to, with any child within your care.”
John is doing a great job targeting one facet of the diamond of humanity:
In this moment, John is standing for our beautiful Queer kids, who need Jesus to show up for them, through us.
I would like to point-out that everything John said applies to Everyone we meet:
John is explicating the truth of what we are called to, with every person, every where, every time…
to actually Love and care-for the women and men that Jesus loves, no exceptions.
Thanks for listening, Wendy