Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Ready to Dive Deeper in your Unique Dance with the Divine?


Certainly this quote above points to a pain that has been my past experience. 

And MANY relate to the experience, 

and believe it is How it IS. 

But in my Soul Experience, I have found: the Opposite is True.

Please stay with me a minute, for an analogy.

This famous poem contains this line:
I believe in the sun
even when it is not shining.

Yes, the Sun is always there,  
even when *I* don't see it.

Something may be getting between me and the Sun 
- we call it a Cloudy day, a Rainy day, maybe even a Hurricane...

The earth may be turned so the sun is blocked
- we call it Night. 

The sun may shine in my experience, a shorter or longer time each day
- we call this a change of Seasons. 

What I am describing is ALL about 
MY orientation-to and capacity to sense the Sun. 

But I hope we can agree, 
the Sun is Always There. 

The Sun isn't 
- hiding from me. 
- shining more or less. 
- leaving me to run to and fro in the Universe.
- blessing me with its rays more or less obliquely than usual. 

In my Life:
It is the Sun.
It is Always being the sun.
It is Always Doing Sun things  - like shining Light : ) 

I don't have to
- wonder if I am worthy of sunshine.
- be or do anything at all for the Sun to be the Sun and Warm me with its light
... if I am willing to be in its Presence. 

Its not going away if I'm 'bad',
its not sending more Blessings my way if I'm 'good', do what I 'should'. 

I don't need arcane beliefs, rituals or incantations,
to be in Alignment with the Sun.

If I desire more Sun, I can learn a new dance with the Sun:
- new rhythms in 
My Structures, Location, Timing... 
as well as
- new relationships with 
My Habits, Beliefs, Emotions... 

Then there is more sun than I can usually stand. 

Sometimes this is easy.

Sometimes it can be harder.
Here are mostly theoretical examples:

- its overcast most of the time, here in the winter.

- the sun is barely visible, here in the winter. 

- I work all day inside with no windows, I go to work in the dark and come home in the dark, here in the winter. 

- I prefer to be up all night and sleep in the daytime, that's just how I am. 

- I am so emotionally sensitive, distraught, overwhelmed, bedraggled...  I need to keep the curtains drawn and very often hide under the bed. 

- I don't believe the sun is my friend, so I avoid it. If it wants to hang-out, it knows where I live. 

These would be challenging circumstances,
but let's be clear. 

This doesn't have anything to do with the Sun, per se. 
Its not the Sun DOing it TO Me. 
The Sun hasn't changed or moved, 
it isn't being Evasive or Undependable.

The Sun is NOT HIDING From Me.
If the sun isn't available enough to me,
then it is me who is Hiding from the Sun. 

This doesn't change my Experience.
But it does very much Shift my Capacity
to (at least theoretically) potentially change my Experience,


 it is MY
- rhythms in: Structures, Location, Timing... as well as
- relationships with Habits, Beliefs, Emotions... 
That are NOT WORKING for me and my desire for more Sun, 

If I am stuck in Twilight, in Dark, in Need of more Light
Can I recognize that the 'ball is in my court'?

Am I willing to Inquire into 
MY possibly Limited Identity? Off-Kilter Perspective?

Am I willing to Examine my Own Choices? 

It's me, not You 
*I* Can DO Something about it

In the Physical, this is sometimes called 'Agency', btw. 
Basically the opposite of what can be called 'Learned Helplessness'. 
The Energetic Component of this can be called 'Seniority' or 'Soul Sovereignty'. 
It means what I say goes, in my own space. 
It is the focus this month in our Weekly Meditations.

From here then, from my perspective, these kinds of questions arise:

- Is there Something I CAN DO to Shift the situation? If so

- HOW am I Able to SHIFT in my Soul? If so 

- HOW do I shift into more Alignment with the Sun?

SO, I am sure you know I am not just talking about the Sun here, 

but also my Unique experience of the Divine.

How do I Dance more Deeply with the Divine? and How do I share How?  

The is an area of Great Interest Passion for me, for longer than my whole adult life, so

- I have a few clues around this challenge, and 

- I have found and developed a bunch of inner tools 
that actually assist in this endeavor. 
They work for me, and lots of others I have shared-with. 

Of course, you can figure out this challenge of ever Deeper Dancing with Divine, as you please.

If you wanna play together, along the way, 
please come as my guest to a 'Spiritual Communion' Meditation.