Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Spiritually grow into LOVE, with Grace and Ease

Being OK with, and from there Loving, All that shows up
starts with BEing OK, with ourselves
and from there, Loving Ourselves.

Another way to say this is:
Being IN Love, Being Love with my sisters and brothers
starts with knowing I am OK in God
and from there, letting God love me.

For most of us, this is HARD.
Possibly Impossible.

I have found it is easier to be ok with myself, love myself;
when I am standing on a good foundation.
When I am identifying spiritually and in a spiritual consciousness, not merely flesh/ physical.

Another way to say this is:

I have found it is easier to know I am OK in God, and let God love me;

when I am standing on my true spiritual foundation.

Identifying with who I am spiritually, in God; and putting on the Mind of Christ (not merely flesh/ physical consciousness).

I interfaced this week with a man who means well,
and identifies as spiritual, as Christian.
But is very spiritually sensitive in certain ways, 
and therefore feels all the lies that people live.

He judges them, and presumably himself, for this very human pattern.
He identifies as someone who dislikes humankind and avoids human society.
Interfacing with him, helped me see, that most of us do this, to a degree 
(but we don't own it like he does ;)

We judge ourselves and others and the world, and God....
because 'how it is' doesn't measure up to our 'pictures'/ beliefs/ concepts 
of how we/ they/ it should be/ behave.

This is how most of us operate on the physical, in our everyday consciousness.
Judging that we do this doesn't help.  
It does help to note this is garden-variety human behavior ;)

It IS missing the mark.

Much more IS possible for our lives!
for our ability to BE with ourselves, others, this reality, God...

We can choose a trajectory that helps us get out of our own way:
  • to BE
  • to BE with
  • to BE in compassion
  • to Love
  • to DO sweetness in the world, from there...

This is not possible from a physical consciousness and identity.

Let me say it again:
This is not possible from a physical consciousness and identity.

The best the flesh/body can do in this direction, no matter how well-meaning, 
is strive to act 'good', pretense, hypocrisy = wearing the mask.

If one Believes God is Love, Another way to say this is:
the mind of the flesh is hostile to God...
Those controlled by the flesh cannot please God. 
Romans 8: 7, 8

BUT, meanwhile, it is very possible, as Spirit:
We can allow ourselves to 
Grow SPIRITUALLY into LOVE, with Grace and Ease.

Another way to say this is:
In the Spirit walk ye, and the desire of the flesh ye may not complete; 
for the flesh doth desire contrary to the Spirit, and the Spirit contrary to the flesh...
And the fruit of the Spirit is: Love, joy, peace...
(from my favorite chapter of the Bible, since my teens) Galatians 5 (16, 17, 22)

From a spiritual perspective,
as we grow into a spiritual consciousness,
and we learn to identify as spirit in flesh...
(not just an evolved animal run by thoughts, beliefs, feelings, experiences, other people's programming, etc.)

We can grow into consciously being
OK with, 
and from there Loving All Our Relations
... including ourselves.

May we allow ourselves to 
May we allow God to

Spiritually grow us into LOVE, with Grace and Ease.



... I think it is all about receiving Love spiritually,
and letting it pass through us to others...

kind of like spiritually, beholding and reflecting the Glory,
but a different spelling is:
spiritually, beholding and reflecting LOVE.

BTW, this post is one response to this FB post.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Trusting God or mammon

It is hard to stay focused on God,
when stress is high,
when time is tight,
when to-do's mount up,
when money is challenging...

What wins?
Physical reality, and its exigencies
spiritual reality - the reign/kingdom of God/Heaven.

When stress is high, I most need to keep my eyes on God.
But it is hard, as a human, caring for a body.

Money challenges have been very close to the bone for me for the last year
- and for much of my life.

SO, let's say hello to this, for a bit, today...

"the treasure a person trusts in" 
- the idol of riches, money, possessions

13 No servant can serve two masters:
for either he will hate the one, and love the other;
or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other.
You cannot serve God and mammon.- Luke 16

This is as important today, as it was when Jesus talked about it
The worship of money, if anything, has increased.
And us bringing the will of God on earth as it is in heaven... suffers

Meanwhile we need money, 
we live in this World, in this reality, 
in the current economy.

It's kind of like having to learn subtle cues and balance and agency from within us, spiritually.
For something like, say, food addiction.

Because in that we need to learn to eat well and healthy,
but not to make food the center of our lives, 
not be driven by food, not to 'live to eat, instead of eat to live'. 

So we have to find a way to be aligned with ourselves and with God around food,
because we can't just avoid it.

Similarly, around money;
which has so much to do with survival,
as well as looking good, and power in the world, success, etc.

It's so complicated, and it's so intense.

Utilizing our relationship with money,
as a way to understand how we're living,
and how much were really focused on God;
And the how much were following God step-by-step...

this is really useful stuff, IMO/E.

Being secure in the arms of Mammon 
feels so much easier than
just trusting God...
that what I need will come, in time for when I need it.

For me, the answer always lies in the scripture below.

It can be a challenging road,
to trust, to allow my need to be met,
not what I think my many needs are ; )

and in God's time...

Yet, this is what I really want, really choose:

31 seek ye the reign of God,
and all these things shall be added to you.
Luke 12 (from the section 'do not worry' ;)

what say you?