Thursday, November 26, 2015

Learning to feed ourselves, and - from there - others

When I am stuck, when I feel broken, when my soul is hungry...
It is useful when the question, the request, my ASK...
is bigger than: please I need a fish, and I really need it now!

From this desperate place, I have great motivation and powerful potential to play A BIGGER GAME:
  • please teach me to fish
  • which is the seed of: facilitating fish for Us...

The powerful Lever, my Goal has become:
  • What is there to Learn, to Heal, to Grow-into?
  • Where can I be Willing to change, that I have been resisting?
  • How can I say YES! to my Source, Light, Life, Truth, Path - in a whole new way?

Allowing transformation,
being willing to go from in need,
to opening to my needs being met,
and then as I mature, I naturally facilitate Our needs being met.

Exactly where I am stuck, feel broken, my soul is hungry.
THERE is my chance to invite blessing, and naturally to bless others.
Where I trip, is my treasure - and eventually - a treasure for our world.

Blessings on your unique path,