Saturday, January 27, 2018

{Guest Post} Realizing we are Priceless Precious Valuable

{Guest Post} by Pamela Maddock,
originally written in response to this Facebook post 
During some very low times
Feeling worthless was always present

I came in contact with a person 
who had a different eyes view of my situation.
We talked consistently

One day I was shown something in a sketch
A ladder 
a stick person on a ladder taking their first steps
like a little child trying to reach up for the first step.

At the top 3 rungs with these 3 words

Then this person said
That's you.

The tears were many
The answer was up to me 
to look at my life and rise above everything else

Focus on me

I said I feel selfish
Be selfish for a while and heal me.

I am forever grateful.


I see that ladder sometimes

Take a deep breath and climb again.
It's called life and it really sucks sometimes.

{Guest Post} by Pamela Maddock, in White Serving the Chalice at (her Anglo-Catholic) Church with a visiting Bishop and his wife, a few years back

(FYI I some spaces and bold to Pamela's original - WRW :)