Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Being good has never set me free the way truth has.

There is really a lot to love about this book, and I hope to share more in the future:

For now one of the quotes that has stayed with me,
came up in a session with a dear client today.
She was blessed as well, so I share with you:
     There’s a popular misconception that religion,
Christianity specifically,
is about knowing the difference between good and evil
so that we can choose the good.
But being good has never set me free the way truth has.
Knowing all of this makes me love and hate Jesus at the same time.
Because, when instead of contrasting good and evil,
he contrasted truth and evil,
I have to think about all the times
I’ve substituted being good (or appearing to be good) for truth.
     Very often I will avoid the truth
until my face goes red like a toddler avoiding her nap;
until limp limbed,
she finally stops flailing and falls asleep and receives rest—
the very thing she needs and the very thing she fights.
When someone like me,
who will go to superhuman lengths to avoid the truth,
runs out of options—
when I am found out or too exhausted to pretend anymore
or maybe just confronted by my sister—
it feels the truth might crush me. And that is right.
The truth does crush us,
but the instant it crushes us,
it somehow puts us back together into something honest.
It’s death and resurrection every time it happens. (73-74)
Ohhh, I wanna 'preach' like that - beautiful!

Blessed Death & Resurrection to all.
The Dying doesn't last forever.
Let's Let Go and Let God, and get it over-with.
And get on with the Resurrection, Revolution, Beautiful Powerful Renovating Truth of Life!