Friday, January 1, 2016

YOU are God's Own Special NUT!

Do you sometimes feel like a Round Peg in a Square Hole?
(secret: so do we all!)

Some encouragement as we start this NEW Year:
You are God's Own Special NUT!
We have our own Spiritual DNA.
We are perfectly designed to be US.
I am inimitably Me and you are inimitably You.

No one else can be who you are.
No one else can do what you do.
so Let's SHINE!

If you do not be you and do your unique path,
your voice in the chorus is missing.
so Let's SING!

No one else can mature into the beautiful flower you are,
so Let's BLOOM!

No one else can share the fruit, the gifts, that you can,
where and how you can,
so Let's Come to FRUITION!

Magic happens
when we let go and BE our True selves,
when we Truly DO our own thing...
when we Let go and let God.

You are not and never will be Bad or Wrong to miss this opportunity,
but you will miss your mark,
and the tremendous blessing it is for you to play your unique part;
and All your Relations will miss your inimitable self, as well as your unique contribution.

Let's not get sidetracked
  • by playing small
  • by replaying old songs that we don't even enjoy
  • by trying to be someone else
  • by doing it like someone told us to...

Please come PLAY, as YOU.
I will do my best to Play as Me.
See you on the field!