Friday, October 9, 2015

{Guest Post) Listen. The Spirit speaks.

Guest Post: Jo Hilder

God speaks. And you hear His voice. 
You do. 
But do you recognise His voice?

We are trained early and consistently by those who wish to lead us that our inner voice cannot be trusted, that we need another to teach us and guide us. 

But Jesus Himself promised to go away and send us a Helper. 
We need only ask for His help, and we will receive it. 
There is no trick to hearing the Holy Spirit speak. 

The skill is in silencing the mind. 
And in trusting. 

When you have learned to distrust the still, small voice and look always to an outside source to bring your truth to you, 
when you have only ever heard a jumble of mixed messages when you look to the silence within, 
any confident person who can string three sensible words together will be able to lead you anywhere they want you to go.

But that's not for you.

Listen. Listen. The Spirit speaks.

Selah, my friends.

Guest Post: Jo Hilder
Jo is an Australian writer, coach and speaker: website.
She shepherds a highly-interactive & nourishing FB group: Free-range Christians

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