Wednesday, March 6, 2013

We can Choose to grow into our Maturity

We can keep going the way we are going,
doing what we are doing,
getting what we are getting:

Or we can shift.

We can learn to CHOOSE spiritually:
to Live, to Be, to Act from a spiritual perspective! 

We can allow God to grow-us-up
into our MATURITY in Christ.

We are called to spiritually Choose
to exercise our free-will, in our own space, our own life:
- Have Dominion: exercise the responsibility God gave us in our own lives.
- Reclaim the Authority God gave us in our own space, and in our world.

Jesus did this;
he showed us the Way in this;
and he calls us to Follow Him!

As we grow up in Christ,
we acknowledge our spiritual center,
our spiritual calling.

We also find that spiritual warfare that is real:
within us and in the world.

We can Choose to let God grow-us-up,
to become Spiritual Adults, as we do this, we:
  • We face our own evil, our own shadow, our own dark side... and we let God bring Light.
  • We let go of negative influences upon us; move out the Darkness, allow more Light.
  • We start to powerfully, consciously BE and ACT in the world, as Disciples of Christ.
Letting-go of negative influences,
from within us and from outside of us,

can mean letting go of energies, habits, lies, programming, etc. 
that is not who we are in God.

It can also mean letting go of unclean spirits:
'spiritual personalities' that are not-in-alignment-with-God.

But that is not enough,
if one is to stay FREE,
and take up the reins of our lives as spiritual adults.

We must let God HEAL us.
We are called to spiritually choose
to close the spiritual 'doors' through which these energies enter:
  • letting go of influences, habits, beliefs, emotions that get in the way of our authority in our own space;
  • taking responsibility for our own space, our own lives.

This is all well and good
- but how do we shift, what is the process? (See more if you wish)

OR - If you want to learn more
please see my website for information about how we can work together,
to serve your Wholeness and Brightness in God.

in Life, Wendy 

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