Sunday, March 3, 2013

Allowing the Blessing of TIME

We are spirit
and we are in a learning/ healing/ growth opportunity
here on sandbox earth.

We CAN change, in one swell foop, ahem, fell swoop : )

Because we are spirit,
we can choose spiritually and we change,
as we do, our world shifts.

This happens, and it can happen for you.
One workshop, one reading, one hearing the direct voice of God
and being transformed.

This kind of thing happens all the time
- and it can happen for you.

Meanwhile, I find that our 'core issues'
are often more intransigent
(we have a hard time shifting, quickly). 
It is not because we, or God,
are not powerful and capable of miracles. 

More likely it is because, as I am saying a lot lately,
'Where we trip is our treasure'
(paraphrase of Joseph Campbell ; )

Anyway our core issues and how they show up in our life,
IS where our treasure lies -
So Dig, is the coaching. (There's gold in them there hills ; )

Many folks think that our core issues,
our deep and early wounding can never really change.

We Know, this is not true;
AND at the same time,
turning the Titanic usually takes Time.

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