Monday, March 4, 2013

Where does Darkness tend to enter?

Being out-of-alignment with God, entertaining evil; Darkness enters our lives through our spiritual choice.
We may or may not be conscious about it, but these are the usual choices of pathways into Darkness:
  1. A spiritual choice within us: turning-away from Light, into Darkness, this is Sin;
  2. Spiritual attacks from outside us: encouraging us to open more to the Darkness, making room for the Adversary.
Again, 2 main issues when we are out-of-alignment with God:

1) INSIDE: our own turning away from God, from our unique Way in God, from Life, from Light.
This turning-away spiritually is BEING in Sin, in Darkness.
What we DO in that darkness, when out of alignment with God, are sins: we miss the mark.

2) From OUTSIDE: deleterious effects are visited UPON us, upon our physical and spiritual experiences, and upon our choices.
These are the effect of the dark-side on us, when we come under the influence of unclean spirits, demons, powers, principalities...  we give up our free-will, we abdicate our God-given Authority over our own lives.

Unconsciously or Consciously, we open the door to the dark side, and we are overcome, undone.

-> WHY would we we open the door to the dark side?  see here for some reasons.

in Life, Wendy 

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