Monday, February 25, 2013

Break the chains of your Darkness and LIVE in the Light!

Are you wanting to Live in the Light, but Really feel held DOWN by the Darkness?
  • Do you feel like the 'Dark Side' is winning the spiritual war?
  • Are you working hard to keep your head above water, dealing with 
    • Addiction, Compulsion, Avoidance; 
    • Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, Suicidal Impulses; 
    • Chronic Illness, Injury, Pain;
    • the results of Trauma, Abuse, Victim experiences...

I know what it’s like to be SURVIVING this Darkness, 
and I have walked with Jesus, into THRIVING in the Light. 
I would like to help you do the same, in your own way.

Life doesn’t have to be This Hard, for This Long.  
Please be in touch NOW: Contact to get started

If you feel overwhelmed by life's trials;  no matter who you are, what you've been through, or how long your Darkness has lasted:

Light and Life Abundant is available to You.
The Experience of Deep Healing and Spiritual Blessing is
God's Gift to ALL of us!

I KNOW this is true:  Because I have LIVED it!
I have been stuck in every one of the bullet points above.
But now, every day, I live in more Freedom.
AND I have been Blessed to watch Many others step from Darkness into Light.

My Name is Rev. Wendy Wolf.
I am called to a ministry of Healing,
that makes an ACTUAL difference for you
in your relationship with God, with yourself, and with others.

I am ready to assist you to face Your Intense Challenges!
I can assist you to walk your unique path,
to live the Life Abundant that Jesus came here to open to you!

You can enjoy a helping hand, someone who walks the path beside you.

in Life,

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Are you looking to overcome, to experience deliverance, to BE FREE to live in the LIGHT?

Do you want to, need to, open to God's Light in the face of Darkness;
but lack powerful, capable, knowledgeable support?

     See my website on Deliverance

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