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About Wendy

I have been dedicated to my relationship with God since 1982: since I was a teenager - it is such a rich, exciting way to live!  I studied and served at a small independent seminary (with focus on spiritual healing, as well as deepening spiritual gifts and fruit) intensively for four years, to earn my Ordination as well as Certification as a Spiritual Teacher. 

I have received many jewels from several wonderful spiritual teachers and ministers throughout my life, as well as directly from the Holy Spirit.  I am passionate about passing some of these treasures on to you, to serve in your unique spiritual journey.

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    I am so blessed that my work overlaps my passion! Loving God, Healing Emotions and Relationships, Intimate and powerful Communication... that kind of intense stuff!

    I live in beautiful Seattle with my partner Michael. I am blessed to visit my family, friends, and students at the New Jersey Shore ~ 3 times per year; and to travel to other places, where I am 'called' to teach and serve.

    I invest a lot of my attention in my spiritual practice, my healing & development, and my relationship with God. In my ministry, I encourage folks to do the same - each in our own unique way… and provide tools and support to do so.

    Energy left? I love to play in Momma Nature!!!

My Special Sauce

I work WITH Jesus.  Yes, like so many others, I work with Angels too, which is amazing!  AND what is different about me, is we work together with Jesus, experientially. 

So, we don't just talk about Jesus and the Bible - because, as interesting as that may be, it won't change your life!  We actually communicate with him and heal with him.  And most importantly, we LEARN from Jesus SPIRITUALLY.  I share the fundamentals of vibration-ally and consciously learning from Jesus, so you are will be equipped to do this ON YOUR OWN.

I am not up on a pedestal - we are just two children of God, doing our own work, learning our own lessons, and allowing God to lead us each on our own unique journey. 

At the same time, I offer Awesome Tools & Distinctions that act as levers in your system, to ratchet you where you want to go, to assist you to let go of what you are done with, to allow God to bless you with New Energy & Possibilities, and create together with God to MOVE in the direction of your dreams!

I am called as a healer.  I was called as a 'healer becoming', right after I turned 30, about 17 years ago.  It has been a heck of a ride since then, but I am now well-equipped to support you on your healing journey!  I am passionate about assisting you to heal, learn, grow, deepen along your Unique Path... 

And More importantly, I am continually investing in my OWN spiritual work.  I am dedicated to my own spiritual path, deep healing and personal growth;  and I have been since my mid-teens.  As I move along my own path, the more I have to offer you.  I am committed to keeping going on my path and I hope you are too!  I know it is challenging and confronting sometimes, but I don't ask you to do anything that I am not already doing myself.

I designed my flexible one-to-one format, which includes Deep Healing, Meditation with Jesus, Soul Counseling and Spiritual Direction; to give you in an accessible way to receive support and encouragement, just-in-time learning, and
consistent growth and healing.

I operate through neutrality (comfortable non-judgment) & amusement (PLAY!).  These are the cornerstones of our spiritually-focused practice.  These practices not only make the work into play, they make the work Possible!

I love God.  I have been consciously Dancing with the Divine for over 30 years.  It is such a rich, exciting way to live! 


Want to know MORE?

My abiding passion for spiritual deepening, healing, growth and presence make me a remarkable supporter for others on their unique journey.  I offer training in meditation & healing techniques, as well as mystical experience and spiritual gifts, through my bi-coastal ministry.

Here are some highlights from my path:

  • Because I loved playing with religious and spiritual theory & practice; and because I hoped to go on to serve as a minister or monastic: I graduated from Rutgers University (New Brunswick, NJ) with a Bachelors degree in Religion. 

  • I needed more real-world experience, as well as emotional and spiritual healing & maturity before ministry, so I served in non-profits (Girl Scouts and American Red Cross) throughout my 20’s, in volunteer and field management, logistics, promotion, and training.

  • As I turned 30, I was spiritually "called" as a ‘healer becoming.’ So, I invested a year in a holistic, integrated massage training program and graduated Health Choices for the Healing Arts (Belle Mead, NJ) to become a Certified Massage Therapist.  I built a successful massage practice, providing nurturing comfort and care to clients. I passionately enjoyed this hands-on healing work for several years.

  • Meanwhile, I began having increasingly significant and disturbing physical and spiritual symptoms.  Eventually, I became very ill, unable to work… mostly bedridden for many years.  Nothing I did helped me feel better for very long, most things I tried made me Worse!  I looked high and low, around the country for the assistance I needed to return to light & life... After years of pain, darkness and dwindling hope: Finally, I found a program offering meditation and healing techniques that really worked for me - yay!  So, I moved from NJ to Seattle, and immersed myself in this new way of Being; in the process learning a LOT about how to support my own and other folks’ wellness and spiritual growth.  I utilized the tools I was given, to assist me firmly back on my path of wellness, as well as to significantly deepen in my spiritual connection and healing abilities. 

  • I became so excited about this spiritual information and the opportunities which blossomed from it – I wanted to share!  So I studied, practiced and served in Seminary  intensively for a total of four years, to earn my Ordination, as well as Certification as a Spiritual Teacher.
I have been serving folks within this paradigm since I turned 40, in 2005.

If you want to read more, please see:

My Spiritual Journey & Opening to my spiritual gifts

OR my website for information about how we can work together, to serve your wholeness in God.

in Life, Wendy

Bless you in your Meditations with Jesus!

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