Monday, February 25, 2013

Break the chains of your Darkness and LIVE in the Light!

Are you wanting to Live in the Light, but Really feel held DOWN by the Darkness?
  • Do you feel like you are losing your spiritual war with the 'Dark Side'?
  • Do you live under the weight of Chronic Illness? Depression? Anxiety? PTSD? Suicidal-impulses? Addiction?
  • Have you survived Trauma or Abuse, but still live in the shadows? Surviving not Thriving?
If you feel overwhelmed by life's trials;  no matter who you are, what you've been through, or how long your Darkness has lasted:

Light and Life Abundant is available to You.
The Experience of Deep Healing and Spiritual Blessing is
God's Gift to ALL of us!

I KNOW this is true:  Because I have LIVED it!
I have been stuck in every one of the bullet points above.
But now, every day, I live in more Freedom.
AND I have been Blessed to watch Many others step from Darkness into Light.

My Name is Rev. Wendy Wolf.
I am called to a ministry of Healing,
that makes an ACTUAL difference for you
in your relationship with God, with yourself, and with others.

I am ready to assist you to face Your Intense Challenges!
I can assist you to walk your unique path,
to live the Life Abundant that Jesus came here to open to you!

You can enjoy a helping hand, someone who walks the path beside you.

Please contact me to get started!

in Life,

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Are you looking to overcome, to experience deliverance, to BE FREE to live in the LIGHT?
Do you want to, need to, open to God's Light; but lack powerful, capable, knowledgeable support?
     See my website on Deliverance.

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