Monday, April 15, 2013

Moving-out Darkness, Thriving in the Light: 5 Powerful Insights

Since 2005, I have been helping people in great need,
who have come to the end of their rope,
to move-out Darkness, and thrive in the Light.

Hundreds that I have assisted, supported, equipped, inspired...
have broken through to find in God: new Self, more Life, Abundantly.

What I offer came out of my own challenges,
then learning tools and distinctions,
and breaking through to new freedom and dominion.

Below are a five insights from my long and varied expereince,
perhaps something useful for you:

When we are in Alignment with God, spiritually focused, we are filled with God's Light.
The lamp of the body is the (spiritual) eye;
if therefore thine eye be single (whole, mature),
thy whole body will be light
 - Jesus, according to Matthew
That's so good! But HOW do I do this?
     More about Jesus perspective on this subject here.

When we are out-of-alignment with God, Darkness enters our lives.
We may or may not be conscious about it. 
Pathways into Darkness come from within us (Sin) and from outside ourselves (the Adversary).
     More about ways Darkness tends to enter our lives here.

WHY WHY WHY would we we open the door to the dark side?
Unconsciously or Consciously, we open the door to the dark side, and we are overcome, undone.
There are SO many reasons for this, AND there are some popular ones!
     More about why we turn from the Light, toward the Darkness here.
Free Will: we can be who we have always been, or we can SHIFT.
We can keep going the way we are going, doing what we are doing, getting what we are getting...
OR We can ALLOW God to grow-us-up into our MATURITY in Christ.
     More about Exercising our Free Will here.

For most of us, saying YES to God is a PROCESS.
It's not always easy, but it bears Great Fruit!
     More about the Process of Change here.

Blessings in your unique journey, Wendy

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Are you looking to overcome, to experience deliverance, to BE FREE to live in the LIGHT?
Do you want to, need to, open to God's Light; but lack powerful, capable, knowledgeable support?
     See my website on Deliverance.  

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