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Soul Senses & Discernment - utilized together are incredible Gifts

I have a life practice in which
Direct experiencing is how to know.

In the physical it is through the physical senses.
And we utilize science and the like to know
(and technology to apply the knowledge)
And everyday, we have impressions and they inform us.

Meanwhile, we aren’t aware of this usually, 
But our senses are not pure.

We are trained to perceive in our society, our schooling, our trade, our family, our intense experiences...
and we come with varying, natural focus and abilities

What we perceive is affected by our training, beliefs, experience, expectations, intentions...

Our senses and experiences are constantly being honed;
and we get a lot of feedback in most of our lives, in this shared physical reality.

Yet, there is
In what we perceive.
And the stories we derive from this,
and then live-in...

And this is in our shared physical reality

Then spiritual knowing

As a mystic
I have a working practice
Of utilizing my soul senses in a similar manner.

It’s not willy nilly!

I learn from and check in with other psychics and mystics, regularly.

I check in with what WORKS.
In my soul and inside and outside my skin.

I clear programming, habits, limits, lies, foreign influences…
from my soul, 
so I can perceive more clearly.
So I can perceive more from my different soul senses.

 I have learned to turn these soul senses up and down,
so not to be overwhelmed.
And these days, almost always utilize them at will.

This was not always the case!!
It really took something.

It really took something.
Building muscle, endurance, balance, and flexibility in my soul.
Great coaching & Training,
as well as peers to lean-on, work-with, support, and care about.
Practice,  Practice,  Practice.
Willingness, YES.

Many don’t see it this way
They think you are a mystic/ seer/ psychic or you aren’t.
We can perceive clearly, or we can’t.
Or it just happens to us, or it doesn’t.

I have trained many, hundreds.
This is not true.

Some of us just are open, or open more by a spiritual shift.
Some just choose to open, and do what it takes to perceive from the soul.
Some are actively closed: never open,
or what they do perceive they invalidate or believe it is their own thinking etc

Some say, those of us who experience trauma early,
have our soul senses open early.

I have found many are open when very young,
but close due to certain pressures,
and can open again when they are willing and clear the blocks.

Meanwhile, regarding our soul senses,
Some just want to be natural, undisciplined, untrained, unhealed, uncleared...
What they believe to be free.

That’s their choice,
I see a lot of bound, broken walking around,
perceiving in ways that seem to me: influenced, skewed, dangerous...

I see a lot not in charge of their senses,
and dominated by what is NOT God:
not holy, true or real. 
and is not in their better interests!

And keep in mind:

If I look through soot covered windows, I see a lot of soot.
How do I know what is real and what is my colored glasses?

If I try to listen to all the radio stations at once,
or weather and traffic from the other side of the globe…
it’s not enjoyable or helpful

and can be actively damaging to my well-being
as well as those I interact with.

How do I just tune into my Source?
and not the other BS, temptations, and distractions?
this is a necessary and for some absolutely life-saving question.

I have found it behooves me to notice
Who, what, where, when, why, how i am perceiving.

Crosschecked against where I was, and I am, and headed toward
- my trajectory
- which is different than any other person.
(Like locating coordinates in an ever-moving universe of relative parts)

The discipline of shifting what doesn't serve,
and being sovereign to all the body stuff:
beliefs, thoughts, feelings, desires, etc

As well as owning my body and life,
not subject to all other spiritual influences,
to live life as I AM and what I AM here to do.

This alone is a significant task

And most importantly, in the moment:
What Who is communicating:

is it:
My intuitive pattern matching?
The needs of something in my own system?
The wisdom of one of my soul perspectives/ chakras?

Or is it spirit?
An angel?
a master?
a guide?
a human consciousness?
the shared human consciousness?
an alien consciousness?
an elemental?
on and on

Most, most important:
Is this sender and information aligned with Source?
with Light, Love, Truth, the Way?
or is it not?

It may or may not be evil, actively anti-God, there is a lot going on,
but is it aligned with God? with my unique path?
this is KEY.

If sharing with others:
What is it a healing to say?

This becomes relevant as soon as I begin soul sensing.
What do I say and not say about it, and when, to whom…

And HOW do I say it
- from neutral, spiritual perspective? 
- from judgment, competition, another consciousness that makes no sense to the listener?

Many don’t get these distinction and can cause harm.

None of this is falling off a log.
Most of us do not understand and apply these distinctions,
they are not already known and understood as we come out of the womb ; )

None of this that I am saying is just willy nilly.
It is Distinctions, Discernment, Discipline.

This is related:
the capstone fruit of the spirit is dominion within: "true mastery from within"
soul-Mastery, spiritual self-discipline. 
This is a very useful fruit of being consciously in God, filled, and overflowing…
and also, like all the fruits and gifts, a muscle that we exercise and it grows.

Unfortunately it is translated as temperance, chastity - oy - myopic.
- so it becomes a red herring, and it diverts us from the truth
- many translations do say ‘self-control’, but many don’t understand this! 
and think that this is like will power, trying hard,
rather than God’s gift to us, in our soul.

When my Clairvoyance jumped way open, almost 25 years ago,
I had no distinctions or defenses.

I was at the mercy of some intense energies,
consciousnesses that were very real, intense.
Some of them NOT in my best interests!

I could not tell God from not god from something else...
Bad shit ensued.

Distinctions and boundaries are vital,
and lacking them can be devastating.

It was for me.
It cost me SO much.

But, I eventually learned, I turned-around, I did the work.
I still do.

Being a mystic is much more mushy in knowing than is physical knowing.

But I have a theory that we can apply a kind of soul science and technology.
And get firmer results.

Discernment is as important as our soul senses being open.

Without Discernment
- we are too easily led astray.
- folks are right to shy away from direct spiritual experience.

BUT With Discernment
- we are able to walk our narrow way, step by step.
- and direct spiritual experience, shifts our soul life ON.

From Here we are on the path of Life, Abundantly!!!!
Delicious beyond the expectations of most of us - certainly me.

The Rock to stand on IS our soul senses and receiving Spiritual reality directly
AND there are natural/human, and soul, as well as ‘spiritual warfare'
reasons to
Actively, consciously receive & exercise Discernment, & other soul gifts and fruit
- that serve us on our way.

If we are willing to learn to actively Dance with the Divine.
Soul Senses and Discernment - together are incredible Gifts!
The Way is worth it, Jewel Beyond Price.

: ) Wendy

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  1. in total alignment Wendy....all the subtleties of discerning what is true...and what is not....!