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BEing the Love you Want: Let IN the Blessings you Desire - NJ Shore Meditation Workshop - September 6, 2017

BEing the Love you Want: Dare to Let IN the Blessings you Desire

NJ Shore Meditation Workshop - Wednesday, September 6th - 7:15 - 8:30pm
at Trinity Episcopal Church: 503 Asbury Avenue, Asbury Park, NJ 07712

Whether in a long-term relationship or single,
many of us deal with the same issues:
  • a story of loneliness,
  • unfulfilled desires,
  • experience of UN-wholeness.
Our desires are amazingly similar amoung many of us:
  • We want to feel complete and connected.
  • How do we get someone to love us? validate us?
  • What do we have to do, to savor comfortable companionship?

We have been taught and trained to cast about outside ourselves for what we want and need.
But, that doesn't work... at least not for long!

The Secret is: we have to LET IN the Blessings that we desire!

In this meditation workshop we will learn and practice
allowing the love that you are searching for,
INSIDE yourself!
... and then, and only then, magnetize/attract it in your outside world, as well.

As you allow this practice to transform you,
your experience of love and connection in yourself, and with God (and in all your relationships)
can completely blossom.

In this Meditation, you will have the opportunity to:
  • Learn and practice some basic meditation techniques.
  • Share your experience, if you choose, a couple times during this session.
  • Mostly, quietly enjoy letting go and experiencing your inner world.

Please come, whether a beginner or advanced meditator:
Open to the transformation of your experience of Love and Relationships, forever.

in Life, Wendy

Is this workshop for you?
  • This workshop is targeted to folks from a Christian foundation, and ALL are welcome.
  • Whether this is your first or your millionth meditation, you can profit from this workshop.

  • Space is limited. Please register on Facebook, or PM me that you are coming.
  • Freewill Donation - this workshop is usually $30, please give as you are led.  Half of all donations will to go to Trinity's Food Justice Program.  
  • Bring a snack to share if you would like.

  • You can come at 7:15 for workshop - come through parking lot, and enter silver and glass doors.  Come into hallway, turn left, room is on left.  I will arrive when Mass is over.
  • OR You can come at 6:30 for Worship/Mass (all are welcome) - come in main church (red) doors, to the chapel in the front right of church. 

  • Can’t make this?  Please join my infrequent newsletter, and I will invite you to future workshops in-person and online.
  • Please invite your friends for this sweet and nourishing opportunity.
  • Plan ahead - check address, if you have questions or need assistance, contact me ASAP - I am not available after 6pm on Wednesday, I will be in church and then in the workshop.

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