Sunday, October 2, 2016

Playing our own Game

Lately, I am all about
we gotta "play our own game"
(even more than I was before ; )

It is far to easy to get hooked, to get stopped, to fall into inner isometrics and outer stopped...

I believe the answer is for each of us to
"play our own game"
and show what is that like, for ourselves and others.

If we are playing basketball,
  • we can't be stopped when the people not playing - the people in the seats - don't like us or what we are doing
  • we can't be stopped when the other team is trying to take our ball and go the other direction
  • we can't be stopped when our teammates aren't always nice to us, or they don't agree with our theories of this or that
  • we can't be stopped when we didn't get enough sleep or we have a 'test' tomorrow.

We cannot give any attention, any energy, to any of that - and still be all-in - in this game we are playing right now.

If I am Called to do X, to say Y, to be Z.
I don't care what else is happening - inside me, outside me -
I mean to do X, to say Y, to be Z.

This really takes something,
it is not falling off a log for me.

It takes
learning to focus my attention, my intention,
building muscle and endurance
to "play my own game"

I want that.
I want it enough to Go for It.
To take it.

And I want to share with you: It is possible for you to "Play your Own Game"
Life doesn't have to Happen to us, We can Happen to Life!
We can actually heal and learn and grow and blossom-into this way of being.

May it be so,
But, is this spiritual? Is this Christian?
Please read:
Owning our Free-will is KEY in our Spiritual Walk

I keep hearing Jesus, on the cross, almost dead, saying:
"Forgive them Father, they know not what they do"
What better example is there of
"Playing your Own Game"?
Jesus was hard-core & unstoppable in following his calling.
Let's follow his lead!


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