Saturday, November 1, 2014

HOW do we WIN the Game of Life?

We don’t have to WORRY about Life, Safety, Stuff…
All we need is right here for us.

When we follow our Spiritual Path, instead of the physical way imposed upon us, and driven within us:

When we Spiritually Die, then we spiritually rise:

When we invest where we are Spiritually Led, we reap incredible rewards:

If you have been wondering how to live life:
This is the Way, and
we inexorably WIN. We Can Not Lose.

So, HOW?

Jesus said:
  • Don’t build on Sand, build on Rock… by Seeing/hearing then Doing the will of the Living God, following our unique path!
  • Seek first the Reign of God, Right Relationship with God, and all the things we need come to us.
  • I see my Father doing, and I do... and we are called to as Jesus did - he said we would do greater things than him.

This is not always easy, but it is straightforward:
  • We open to our SOUL Information, our Spiritual Senses.
  • We intend to ALIGN with ourselves and our Source: with our God, our Light, our Love, our Life, our Truth, our Way…
  • We are FILLED & HEALED & FREED Spiritually.
  • We continually let go of the old self and the old ways (this sometimes feels like DYING, because it is!).
  • We continually open to Life HERE & NOW, as it is, as we are.
  • We WALK our own Unique Soul Path, which becomes clearer and clearer, as we walk it.

Do you Really want to WIN the Game of Life?
  • Say YES to your Source, and get ready for the Ride of your Life!
  • Your mind will be BLOWN by what you do, who you be, with-whom you go, where you end up.
  • You inexorably WIN. You Can Not Lose.

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