Friday, December 30, 2016


Guest Post: Julian Roath

We are not separate from God.
We are saturated with God.
For years I believed the lie that my bad behaviour, my "sin", separated me from God.


The only separation was in my choice to turn away from God in shame.
I could not understand how could God love a piece of crap like me!!!

Because I had done all the "bad" sins, I felt especially dirty and ashamed.
What I did not know was that there are no bad sins and bad sinners.
There are just damaged people who damage other people.
We are all broken and we are all in need of healing.

Instead of using the word "sin," I use the word damage.
I am fundamentally damaged and broken, but I am being progressively healed.
I damage others out of my own brokenness, but I am being liberated from my selfishness and being made anew in the image of Jesus, in the image of love.

Rather than seeing my life as a constant battle to "stop sinning," I see it from the perspective of God's heart.
God's will for me is to be healed of my brokenness, and in turn to bring that healing to others.
Isn't that such a better way to see ourselves and what God wants.

The end result is the same.
We become healed of the behaviours that cause us to hurt ourselves and each other.
When we loose our burden of shame, we become free to embrace the presence of God, at any time day or night.

It is in those times when we feel we are failing, that we most need God's love and power.
So in our brokenness we turn towards God rather than away God.

Our guilt and shame was nailed to the Cross.
There is no barrier between us and God.
There never was.

We ran from God in our minds.
But like the Prodigal Son, when we hurt enough we run home into the welcoming embrace of a Father who adores us. To whom our previous behaviour doesn't matter.

The prodigal father was never angry with his son.
The son's deeds where of no account.
All that mattered was the restoration of relationship.
It is for this that I believed Christ died.

All that God wants of us is to heal our brokenness,
and out of that healing to heal each other.

I reject the idea that God is constantly measuring my performance against some abstract, universal scale of perfection.
We are uniquely shaped and we are healing.
It is not about fault.
It is about being loved, and I believe we are perfectly loved.

So am I dirty? No.
Because God's love for me restores me to perfection.
Clean, free, whole and infinitely loved.

My task in this life is to learn to believe it, to experience it, to share it,
and to treat everyone else as having the infinite value that all of us have as dearly loved children of God.
God says,
I will live in them and will walk among them, and I will be their God, and they will be my people.
- 2 Cor 6:16

 Guest Post: Julian Roath

(FYI I added spaces and bold to Julian's original - WRW :)